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Final Fantasy XIII and its sequels are looking absolutely sublime on Xbox One X; it’s actually surprising how much detail is hidden behind the game’s resolution.

What’s more surprising is that XIII has enhanced cutscenes over its last-gen Xbox 360 version. According to Xbox Director of Project Management Jason Ronald on Twitter, Square Enix helped the back compat team by providing the original cutscene assets so they could make the backward compatible version look as good as it possibly could.

This change isn’t just limited to Xbox One, either. Whether you’re on Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you’ll see the benefits of these new cutscenes.


Final Fantasy XIII’s full trilogy will be available today on Xbox One through backward compatibility.

The news came from Xbox’s Major Nelson on Twitter. Every game in the trilogy has been X-Enhanced alongside Civilization Revolution.

Original Story:

Backward compatibility has been a fantastic addition to the Xbox platform, but fans of Square Enix’s iconic RPG series have been left behind.

Not anymore! Now, the entirety of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be coming to Xbox One through the backward compatibility service.

While they aren’t the best games in the Final Fantasy series, there are huge fans of the series. With the games’ multi-disc capabilities, some were worried it would never come, but they were proven wrong!

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Also announced alongside the trilogy, the fantastic strategy game Civilization Revolution will become Xbox One X Enhanced.

There could be more announcements for backward compatibility throughout the show, so keep yourself here for more!