Final Fantasy Type-0 Online coming to Windows Phone next year




IGN reports that Square Enix has announced a new title at the Tokyo Game Show.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is a follow-up to Final Fantasy Type-0 launched on PSP in October 2011 in Japan, and is an upgraded version of the game designed for a more international audience.

The game will be coming to multiple smartphone platforms, including Windows Phone, between spring and summer of next year, and also to the PC. An HD version already came to PS4 and Xbox One in March this year.

The hack and slash game is an evolution of Final Fantasy Agito, an earlier title which it will now replace. The game is set in the world of Orience, but a parallel world to the original Final Fantasy Type-0 and will feature action RPG gameplay similar to the original Type-0 as well as online multiplayer.

The game is expected to receive a beta test in China first, then roll out to Japan, and later to Europe and North America if all goes well.

See the video trailer of the game below:


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