Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak reveals full spoilers for Square’s remake


3, 2020

Cover your eyes, use your Twitter blacklist, a Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak has uncovered every possible detail regarding the reimagined version of Square Enix’s flagship RPG.

While news of a Final Fantasy 7 Remake demo has been making the rounds while we were filling ourselves with festivities, none thought that the demo would leak this early.

However, those with access to a hacked PlayStation 4 console have managed to prematurely download the demo from PlayStation’s servers. But how does this leak spoil the entire game? Well, much like other past demos, the FF7 Remake demo includes files for some very spoilery moments.

We will not be spilling the spoilery beans in this article.

By looking into the demo’s files, hackers have already gained details on changes from the original game, models for unrevealed character redesigns, the game’s soundtrack and even the game’s final boss. That’s a pretty big leak!

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While, again, we don’t want to spread any spoilers in this article, some fans were surprised to learn of a certain locale making its way into this remake. With FF7 Remake only being the first part in Square’s remake of this RPG classic, fans are assuming that the game holds files for FF7 Remake 2.

With the Final Fantasy 7 Remake leak out in the air, it’s still unknown when Square is planning to release the demo for everyone to play.

FF7 Remake is due to launch in April for PlayStation 4. While the title is currently being created with next-generation consoles in mind – such as Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5the title will be exclusive for at least one year on Sony’s platform.

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