After a recent influx of players, who’re excited about the upcoming Endwalker expansion, Final Fantasy 14 is “sold out” of digital copies of the game due to server space concerns. 

Players are reporting across social media that they’re no longer able to purchase copies of Final Fantasy 14 on some digital storefronts despite no major update having launched to cause server strain. 

While the exact reason for digital copies of Final Fantasy 14 being sold out isn’t precisely known, but it’d be a foolish business decision to wait around for a while before generating new game codes and leaving players without the option to even buy the game when so many new players are clamouring to get their hands on it. 

This leads us to believe that Square Enix is artificially limiting the otherwise endless stock of codes they could generate for Final Fantasy 14, especially since players who already have the game in North American server regions reportedly can’t create new characters which would create additional server load.

Square Enix will hopefully be able to resolve these issues by buying up more server space or streamlining its current storage solutions for player data. With a new expansion on the horizon, hopefully, this shortage of digital codes will just be a blip in the history of Final Fantasy 14, rather than a grim portent of what’s to come when the expansion releases. 

The latest expansion to Final Fantasy,  Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker is set to launch on November 23rd, and with a record amount of preorders already it’s clear that it’s going to be successful. Hopefully, when Endwalker launches, it won’t cripple the servers for too long and cause a repeat of what we’re seeing today.