Filetype exclusion is coming soon to OneDrive for Mac


21, 2021

The OneDrive for Mac client will soon have the ability to selectively exclude files from being uploaded to OneDrive.

The feature will let users exclude files based on keywords and wildcards and extensions.

You can enter complete names, such as “setup.exe” or use the asterisk (*) as a wildcard character to represent a series of characters, such as *.pst. Keywords aren’t case-sensitive.

In Finder, the files appear with an “Excluded from sync” icon. Users will also see a message in the OneDrive activity center that explains why the files aren’t syncing.

filetype exclude

The setting does not affect files that have been uploaded already.

The feature will start rolling out in late April and should complete in mid-May.

If you are currently using the admin centre setting to block certain file types from being uploaded from the OneDrive sync app, you will need to first enable this new setting, make sure it’s applied by restarting the OneDrive sync app, and then disable that current setting in the admin centre.

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