Fhotoroom Updated to 9.1.5


The latest version of Fhotoroom for WP8 has just been approved and should be available shortly. If you don’t already know Fhotoroom is a popular photo sharing, camera and photo editing app that has been part of the Windows community almost since it began.

This latest update brings a swooping array of new features making the fhotoroom experience more unique in the world of photo sharing apps.QRCode

  • Almost anywhere a tag can be posted it will link back to the new search page. Old photos not properly tagged, don’t worry and don’t re-upload just update the post and it will get re-listed but be careful, misuse can cause accounts to be flagged and or locked.
  • Search has been completely replaced with a new look, layout and functionality. Launching the Search will open the common tags that can be searched, but swiping left will reveal hashtag search and swipe again for people search. Keyboard does not close when swiping. Now you can start you own topics and groups. In addition to all of this the new Search sorts by Recent and Random Popular.
  • Smode is a completely new feature that is part of a 2 step update change being made to fhotoroom. Smode stands for Silent Mode or Silent Likes. What this allows is for likes to be more personal so only you (through mylikes) and the photo owner know about the likes. These likes are not listed under Friend Activity. This features does not apply to Comments. Part 2 reveals more…
  • New Welcome screen for new users to get started and follow users.
  • New Website App launcher link from photos and profiles that will automatically launch fhotoroom directly to the photo or profile. Unsupported older versions might get launched but will not work.
  • Dozens of UI update and Bug fixes.

WP7 update will follow shortly with same changes.

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