Fhotoroom SkyDrive, Editing and Camera EV update

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The Fhotoroom Team have been pretty busy releasing updates almost once every couple of weeks. For those who don’t already know, fhotoroom is a powerful photo editor with a social network built together. Many of their users are labeling it the instagram of Windows Phone, but unlike instagram, fhotoroom has much deeper editing capabilities and an HTML5 web site to boot.

In the last few updates fhotoroom has introduced some very interesting features in each of it’s 3 key areas, Camera, Social and Editing.

In the Camera section fhotoroom has really updated the UI as well as introduced a completely new EV feature that augments the preview for better exposure. When a photo is taken the EV option looks at the area selected and corrects the photo for best exposure by adjusting the EV upto +/- 1/2 step (preview will look different than final due to flash). What really makes this feature special is that fhotoroom has been able to add a spot EV just like the spot focus but for exposure, Tap on the screen to focus and drag around the EV to set exposure. Even the Native camera only supports adjusting the EV up and down manually or it’s tied to the focus.

In the Social and sharing functionality, fhotoroom has added several very nice user engagement options with the introduction of Finding Friends, seeing the Popular photos, seeing all of the Photos you liked as well as a new Notification system that shows you how many ppl liked your photos and how many messages you have received today. The other nice cosmetic touch was the update of the Live Tile which now flips to exposure the last photo you shared.

All of these Social features are nice but the real juicy addition is that you now have the option to save your photos to your SkyDrive folder. Unlike the other social network sharing, this option is only available when you "Save" a photo. A popup will appear and ask to save your file either locally or to your SkyDrive.

qrcodeAt it’s core fhotoroom is a very powerful Photo Editor and in the last few versions, fhotoroom has added dozens of new filters as well as streamlined the UI and UX for better performance and easier access. Just a small list of the new filters recently included are Tsar, Tasritsa, Pulp Fiction,  Chili Peppers, Herc, Don Juan, and more than 7 new beautiful light leaks.

Download Here from Marketplace.

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