Fhotoroom New Update and Now Free

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The #1 ranked photo app has just released another update (v1.16), which brings some very exciting new unique features in each major area (social, editing, camera) of the app not to mention is now 100% FREE.

Possibly the most significant are the new enhanced features found in the updated Camera. These updates enhance the digital zoom to give much sharper results and now adds a new auto stabilizer to also help with photo sharpness. Auto stabilizer is presently on at all times and cannot be disabled. So this update clearly focused on enabling users to get better shots the first time around.

The photo editing got a major backend overhaul to allow for faster pixel per second processing, with some features being as much as 5x faster. With this new found processing speed, it was turned to allow for fhotoroom to work with larger images. In previous versions fhotoroom was limited to 1224 on the large side and now this limit has been increased. In addition to all of this backend enhancement the team at fhotoroom never leave you with nothing new to play around with and what has been changed on the front end is quite significant.

Fhotoroom previously used a row of numbers to control a filter strength which could have been a bit difficult to use, this has now been changed to a slider and a much cleaner and easier to use UI when editing. Some notable changes with the filters is the updated Vintage Frames, Tsar and Tsaritsa Styles, and many more.

qrcodeLastly the all new Americano filter which is a twist of the Tsar filter that gives it a bit more of an all American style to it is definitely a nice new addition to the collection of Styles.

Lastly social, we streamlined the upload process to be faster even though our upload image size is now more than 25% large on average.

You can Download Here from Marketplace for free.