Fhotoroom is making changes to its service


Fhotoroom, the photo editing and sharing app for Windows is going to be undergoing some changes in the coming weeks.

The well received photography app which serves over 8,000,000 users provides a myriad of editing tools for the advanced and casual users to edit their photos and either post on the Fhotoroom social network, or post on other networks like Facebook and Twitter.

As of now Fhotoroom acts like a mix of OneDrive and Instagram, allowing users to store photos indefinitely and share them , this is poised to change in the future.

On a post on the Fhotoroom blog, the Fhotoroom has announced a change that will impact the way photos are stored on the service. Starting from the first of September,  photos older than 3 months will be deleted from the service.

According to Fhotoroom’s data, photos outside that time period are not interacted with, so this would not impact the user experience negatively. In addition, your likes and stats would remain as they were, just the old photos would be deleted.

They won’t be lost forever, you will have the ability to download all photos from the site before they are deleted, so if you have any photos stored on there, you can download them.

Not all the changes are removal, the Fhotoroom reduce service which was killed as an independent app has now returned in an update for users who purchase the complete collection and choose the FrJpeg option. You can now also upload your photos in larger sizes(reducing compression) to the social network allowing for better photos online.

These spring cleaning changes are just growing pains as Fhotoroom scales up to address a larger audience with the launch of Windows 10 while remaining an independent service.

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