Fennec Alpha 4 now available

Mozilla has announced a new Alpha for their Mobile Firefox product on Windows Mobile.  The timing is opportune, as their project has been seen to be in doubt after comments by one of their executives suggesting they may wait till Windows Phone 7 is released.

New in this version is:

  • Improved interactions with the software keyboard
  • Fixed painting artefacts from panning
  • Faster .exe installer option
  • More responsive "fuzzy" zoom
  • Option to become default browser
  • Opening downloads from download manager fixed
  • Password echoing
  • Improved panning/scrolling performance
  • Improved start-up time
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Improved painting performance
  • Improved UI polish
  • Improved kinetic panning with directional locking
  • Ability to scroll frames
  • Improved zooming support

The 10 MB cab can be downloaded, here.