Feature packed Windows 10 Build 15007 released to Fast Ring Insiders for PCs and Mobile

Microsoft has finally released a new Fast Ring build for Windows 10 Insiders for both PCs and Mobile devices, coming right after its last insider release for PCs this week (and just about overdue for mobile users)

The new update bumps it up to version 15007 and adds more than a handful of features which you can find here.

For PCs especially,  Microsoft has added the ability to share your saved tabs (A feature introduced in an earlier build), as well as help you pick up where you left up on your other devices with the help of Cortana.

Microsoft has also added a feature whereby developers can now implement progress bars in notifications, for Android users this should be familiar as it should allow app developers to show the progress of things like updates and app downloads via the Action center.

While a Windows 10 Mobile build leaked earlier during the day, this one is considerably newer than the leaked build and includes features like an improved settings menu, web payments (which we detailed previously), faster sign-in with Windows Hello, and more.

For people in the LGBT society, Microsoft shows their support for diversity with a rainbow flag emoji which the Windows keyboard now supports.

As this is a Fast Ring build, it comes chock full of issues and bugs which users may be wary of depending on their tolerance to buggy weirdness in general.

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