Latest Feature Drop for Google Pixel devices bring improved Night Sight and more


7, 2021

Google Pixel smartphones

Google today announced the latest Feature Drop for Pixel devices. This Feature Drop includes several new features including improved Night Sight feature, improved camera app that will allow you to save photos to the new Locked Folder, smarter Gboard keyboard app , improved Recorder app and more.

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You can find the details on new features below:

Summertime fun for Pixel

Pixel owners love using astrophotography in Night Sight to take incredible photos of the night sky, and now it’s getting even better. You can now create videos of the stars moving across the sky all during the same exposure. Once you take a photo in Night Sight, both the photo and video will be saved in your camera roll. Try waiting longer to capture even more of the stars in your video. This feature is available on Pixel 4 and newer phones.

Animated gif showing a Pixel 5 using the Night Sight feature to capture a long exposure shot of the night sky, which is then turned into a video.

Pride events across many parts of the world kick-off in June, and Pixel has new wallpapers and ringtones to celebrate. Three bold, joyful wallpaper designs were created exclusively for Pixel by Ashton Attzs.

More privacy, more safety

Last month at Google I/O we previewed Locked Folder in Google Photos, which is now rolling out to Pixel users. To make it even easier to add photos and videos to Locked Folder on Pixel, you can choose to save them there straight from the camera. They’re saved on your device and won’t show up in shared albums, Memories or any other apps on your device, and can only be accessed using your device passcode or fingerprint.

Animated gif showing a Pixel 5 capturing a photo, and then saving it into a dedicated locked folder that can only be accessed using the device passcode or fingerprint.

Pixel’s car crash detection has already helped people in serious car accidents, and now it’s expanding to more areas. Pixel users in Spain, Ireland and Singapore will now have car crash detection capabilities in the Personal Safety app. The feature can help detect if you’ve been in a severe accident and will check in to see if you’re OK. If there’s no response, your Pixel can automatically call emergency responders and share your location and other relevant details. Car crash detection is already available in the U.K., Australia and the U.S. This feature is dependent upon network connectivity and other factors and may not be reliable for emergency communications or available in all areas.

Pixel can also help you stay alert while walking. With the new Heads Up feature inside Digital Wellbeing settings, your Pixel can detect when you’re walking and periodically remind you to look up from your screen.

Your Pixel keeps getting smarter

When your phone is ringing but isn’t within reach, you can answer or reject a call with Google Assistant. Say “Hey Google, answer call” or “Hey Google, reject call.”

Cutting and pasting important information also just got easier thanks to an even smarter Gboard. When you copy text that includes a phone number, email address or URL, you’ll see those key snippets of text suggested in the clipboard. You can easily drop them into places like Messages to share contact information quickly, or Maps to get started on your road trip faster.

Image showing a Pixel 5 with the messages app open, and a suggested keyboard clip of a recently copied phone number.

We’re always working to bring helpful Pixel phone and voice features to more languages and dialects. Call Screen, which helps you avoid spam calls by answering unknown numbers to find out who’s calling and why, is now available in Japan. Recorder, the app that transcribes audio into text so you can search, edit and share your recordings, will be available in more English dialects including Singaporean, Australian, Irish and British English. The Recorder expansion will roll out to all Pixel 3 or newer phones by the end of July.

Source: Google

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