“Fear in the Gorge” the new App & a Movie for WP8

An App & a Movie: “Fear in the Gorge” for WP8

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRpYWTOqpEw&hd=1]

Fear in the Gorge–Trailer

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Fresh Ideas Division, LLC/Spook Night Films just released something “Big”.

“Fear in the Gorge” is the second release in their App & a Movie collection.  It’s an action, adventure, horror film – but the film clips have been scrambled.  You have to use the app to put the movie clips into the proper order, which will then unlock the exciting end of the movie.  If you like multi-dimensional puzzles and enjoy watching movies, then check out this App & a Movie.

If you are successful in unlocking the movie, watching the movie may make you think twice about what you might do if you ever happen to stumble upon Bigfoot in the forest.  Would you snap a few photos, maybe shoot some video – or actually shoot Bigfoot and drag him back into town as ultimate proof??

The 58 minute movie is embedded into the app so that you can play with it offline, without exhausting your data plan.  It’s only $1.29 for an App and a Movie.  A great deal.

Find it in the Windows Phone Store.  A free trial is available.