FCC leak suggests LG to stretch thin and lightest laptop to 17 inches


25, 2018

LG currently boasts their LG Gram laptops are the lightest laptops for their screen size, and, going by a recent FCC filing, it appears the company will be taking that boast to a whole new screen size.

The filing reveals a new range of devices starting with the 17 designations (“17Z990,” “17ZD990,” “17ZB990,” “17ZG990,” and “LG17Z99”) which is consistent with the company using the first digits to indicate the screen size.

The filing also reveals the devices will feature full-size USB ports, USB Type-C slot, one HDMI, one microSD and the usual headphone jack.

Making good use of the extra size, the device will also feature an ethernet adaptor, and of course the usual WIFI 802.11ac and Bluetooth.  LG’s other claim to fame for the Gram range is great battery life, and we may see an even bigger battery in the large frame of the laptop.

Given the timing of the FCC publication it seems likely we will see the device launch at CES 2019, which is now a mere 6 weeks away.

Via the Verge, WindowsLatest.

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