FCC docs confirm Nokia EOS will come with a Camera Grip



Author Surur // in News

WPDang reports the Nokia EOS will come with one very interesting accessory – a camera grip shell which will be designed to make the phone more camera like.


The existence of the accessory is confirmed by the FCC report for the RM-877, widely believed to be the EOS, and according to WPDang the accessory will make the lens flush with the back, include its own shutter button, improve the grip on the handset and overall make the device look a lot more like a camera.

The idea is pretty innovative, and may make the device a bit like Samsung’s Zoom, but I suspect most of us will be all too happy leaving the bulk at home and letting the OIS take care of the shakes.

The Nokia EOS is expected to hit AT&T by the end of July and Europe some time in August, under the Nokia Lumia 1020 moniker.

See the FCC documentation here.

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