Favorite App On My HD2

image Getting my device to the right settings and app stock is always the hardest thing about getting a new device, but thanks to i3v5y, it was easy to find my favorite. His application LMT launcher from what I have experienced so far is the most important app installed on my device, and makes the device a whole lot better and my friends that own the iPhone very envious.

If you are not aware of what the application does, its very simple. It adds multi touch functions, and app launcher to your device. This application has been updated recently and the new updated features are as follows:


– some small performance optimizations
– fixed killProcess (now the fg app is closed properly)
– fixed problem with overlay timer
– prepared to be rotation aware
– added new internal command:
– Controller -> activates the multitouch controller/dpad (default for "Square" gesture). Use it for FPSEce, morphgear, etc… The controller converts the touches to key events. You can define the keys to be sent via reg value "ControllerKeys": Down, up, left, right, 1, 2, A, B, C, D, X, Y. The button "R" toggles between portrait and landscape mode; the button "x" deactivates the controller mode. The reg value "ControllerVibrate" defines the vibrate status: 0=off, 1=default, >1=time in ms. For example the FPSEce config (fpse.ini):


– fixed bug in gesture engine (sometimes wrong touch value assignments for mt gestures)
– added tap and hold feature for mt gestures. Activate it via reg key "TapAndHoldGestureSupport".
– value = 1 -> activated with default bounding box for tap area (width and height = 30 pixel)
– value > 1 -> activated with user defined bounding box in pixel
– added four new internal commands:
– PrevApp -> switch to previous app (Alt-Tab feature)
– NextApp -> switch to next app (Alt-Tab feature)
– Home -> switch to Homescreen
– Rotate -> rotate screen
– added BlackListSwitch to be able to exclude processes from TaskSwitcher
– added default values for all gestures

– enabled compressed cab
– all reg values can be modified during runtime
– back command now supports Opera Back & normal back behavior
– removed BlackListStart and added BlackListAll to be able to disable LMT completely for a fg app (e.g. Morphgear)
– removed hard coded gesture commands. All internal commands can be mapped to any gesture now. Just add the following strings to the gesture in the registry for an internal command:
– CloseLMT -> closes LMT
– CloseApp -> closes the fg app
– Learn -> activates learn mode
– Back -> sends back key
– Start -> Start menu
– Lock -> Lock phone
– Phone -> Phone app
– Up -> sends Dpad up
– Down -> sends Dpad down
– Left -> sends Dpad left
– Right -> sends Dpad right

You can download and install this application from XDA.

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