Farts VS Zombies is now available on Windows Phone Marketplace!

Plunge Interactive announces the launch of its new game for Windows Phone. Farts VS Zombies is an addictive game in which the gamer has to protect Japanese schoolgirls from hungry zombies, aiming gas clouds at their faces by drawing the trajectory with their finger. Get ready for crazy moments, challenging hordes of zombies, fart combos, the destruction of cars, enemies and fun special attacks!

“Fast-paced action, tension and lots of humour, all this in a ridiculous story. That is what people will find in this amazing game”, says Jesus Bosch, CEO of Plunge Interactive.

Josep Pon, the project’s Lead Developer confirms that “The first time I had access to the game design,  I could not believe what I was reading; I’ve never seen such a combination of humour and action in a mobile game before”.

Some people may classify it as a tower defence game, others as a strategy game and the rest simply as an arcade action game. Farts VS Zombies is the result of a combination of genres and the parody of multiple existing games that no “gamer” can do without.
A mysterious Evil Unicorn seems to be the cause of the zombie virus; find your old friend Banana Max and together you can destroy the zombies to free the city from the Evil Unicorn. Farts VS Zombies includes a Story Mode and a Survival Mode, and you can even challenge your friends on your favourite social networks like Facebook or Twitter.


Get this surprisingly addictive game now on Windows Phone Marketplace for only £0.99 / $1.29 / €1.29! Introductory offer for a limited time. Feel bloated? Play Farts VS Zombies!

You can download the game here.

Watch the trailer on YouTube after the break.

[Official Trailer] Farts VS Zombies game for Windows Phone 7