The next entry in the Far Cry series has seen its box art leaked ahead of an apparent Game Awards announcement.

Called Far Cry New Dawn, this new cover appears to be a post-apocalyptic shooter taking place after the bad ending of Far Cry 5.

The front cover depicts a white man strapped to the hood of a bullethole-ridden car as two black females look at the camera menacingly. While we don’t know if these two women are the villains of the new game, it does follow Far Cry tradition if we assume they are. Hopefully, they’re playable, because they look absolutely badass.

Far Cry - Game Awards 2018 Teaser-Trailer | Ubisoft [DE]

Ubisoft did release a teaser trailer for the game last night, but there should be a proper announcement of the title in just a short while.

Source: Kotaku