Famous iPhone News Reader App Pulse Coming To Windows Phone

Pulse on Windows Phone

Pulse, a  news reader app for iOS platform which became famous for its UX announced that they are working on Pulse  for Windows Phone. Pulse for Windows Phone will be available for download this week. Pulse will have the following features with more features coming soon.

  • With live tiles you can follow your favorite source outside the app from the home screen. The app’s home view incorporates colorful panning story bars and fills them with the content from your favorite sources. Scroll up and down to explore a new source of content and scroll from left to right to browse stories within a source.
  • Tap to read the full story and explore more stories from the same source. Scroll down to the bottom of the story to see the article on the Web.
  • Want to share the story with friends? Tap to share to Twitter, Facebook and email. You can also text a story to a friend using your phone’s address book.
  • Browse the Pulse catalog and add up to 20 sources from more than 200 content partners. Search for any other source you want to add from across the Web. Rearrange and rename your sources to customize Pulse to your liking.

Get ready for big brand apps coming to Windows Phone platform soon. Its just a start ! ! !