The latest addition to Fallout 76’s very long list of problems is that bobby pins, once again, weigh far more than they physically should.

The newest patch for the game started to roll out on January 29th and within a few hours of its release, people were flocking to Reddit to point out that the patch seemed to be breaking more things than it was fixing.

One post, made by u/lmaofallout76, pointed out that bobby pins are back to weighing .01lb, despite the fact that the patch released just weeks prior on the January 10th reduced the weight value of the item from 0.1lbs to 0.001lbs.

The problems don’t just end at the logic-defying hair grips, though. u/lmaofallout76 also pointed out that fusion cores are back to spawning at a rate of 0.8 per hour instead of 8 per hour – an issue that was also previously fixed by the January 10th patch – and item duplication is back.

The item duplication bug was fixed in Fallout 76’s last patch of 2018, and its return to the game indicates that the issue may be more complicated than the new patch simply undoing the work of its predecessor.

Bethesda employee and Reddit user u/Ladydevann replied to a post made by u/T3amSlat3r, stating that the devs had been alerted to the issue. There is no official response from Bethesda as of yet.

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