After a large wave of bugfixes, Fallout 76 players are, once again, unhappy.

For once, players aren’t complaining about how broken, unpolished, and unenjoyable the game is. Instead, they’re unhappy about a fix.

In the MMO, there’s a quest called Feed the People. In the quest, players have to cook a collection of meats and vegetables at Mama Dolce’s Food Processing.  Once the quest was done, every player in the server would receive canned meat stew. Tasty, but also nutritious.

A Reddit post asking Bethesda to “unfix” the event quest is currently sitting at over 6,000 upvotes on the game’s subreddit.

“The event will now give just the players participating in the event the canned meat stew instead of everyone on the server,” said Reddit user nulldesuka. “This isn’t feeding the people!”

“One thing we can definitely take away from this is quests that impact the whole server are cool and we need more of them,” another Redditor wrote.

Rebuilding a community from the ashes of nuclear war is the point of Fallout 76 – no matter how much that point is lost throughout its actual gameplay. If Fallout 76 adds anything in the near future to make the game feel like a community, it needs more quests like this.

Fallout 76 is available to buy on Xbox One for £59.99/$59.99.

Source: Eurogamer