The good news is that Bethesda are, once again, attempting to battle item duplication. The bad news is that this is the second time they’ve had to do this, seeing as one of Fallout 76’s previous patches accidentally put item duping back in the game.

In a post in the Bethesda forums, Valseek highlights what Bethesda are aiming to do with today’s maintenance. Their main goal is to remove items that have been created via item duping. This means that, if you’ve been using the dupe exploit, you might log back in to find your pockets a little lighter.

Bethesda are also rolling out a ‘server-side fix’ to reduce the number of times players get forcibly disconnected from Fallout 76’s servers.

Item duplication was originally fixed in Fallout 76’s last patch of 2018. It lasted almost 2 months before another patch, released on January 29th, accidentally brought it back.

The problem with item duplication is that it unbalances an admittedly already buggy game. It creates an unfair playing field amongst players which ruins the game experience.

The problem goes even deeper when you consider how some players are attempting to fix the problem themselves by ‘playing vigilante’.

Reddit user u/TGriff97 reported one instance where he was just trying to play Fallout 76 with his girlfriend and was instead set upon by anti-duper vigilantes. The ‘chuckleheads’, as u/TGriff97 described them, leveled a camp that he and his girlfriend had spent hours working on just because they thought it was a base for duplicating items.

However, the maintenance today seems to be more focused on removing duped items rather than fixing the dupe exploit, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Bethesda have any more fixes planned for the future.

Sources: Bethesda forums and Reddit.