Fall Guys is about to embark on its fifth season, bringing in six new rounds and 50 tiers of cosmetic loot for you to enjoy. 

Themed around jungle adventures, Fall Guys Season 5 even has a Spelunky themed costume, and nineteen others, for you to unlock in the season’s new battle pass as you race through and ragdoll around the new obstacles and rounds. 

These new rounds all embrace the jungle theme as you might expect, utilizing the new obstacles such as bouncing lily pads and mechanical rhinos, which you can admire in the gameplay trailer.

To give you just a glimpse about what you’ll be in for, here are the names for each of the new rounds you’ll encounter during Season 5:

  • Treetop Tumble
  • Trompin’ Ground
  • Lost Temple
  • Lilly Leapers
  • Bubble Trouble
  • Pegwin Pool Party

Season 5 of Fall Guys will also usher in a variety of new modes such as duo’s and trio’s modes, as well as special limited-time events which will have unique rewards such as rare costumes, emotes, nameplates and patterns. 

While cross-play launched in the middle of Season 4, we’re still yet to hear anything more about the Xbox and Switch releases of Fall Guys, which were delayed a little while after the Mediatonic was acquired by Epic Games. 

Fall Guys Season 5 will kick off on Tuesday, July 20th, for all players on PC and PlayStation 4.