Fake Google apps flood the Windows Phone Store




Microsoft recently expedited the app review process, meaning apps can go from submission to publication in minutes.

This suggests the process has become pretty much automated, which it appears one scammer took good advantage off.

An unknown person registered as Google, Inc (the real Google Windows Phone Store account is Google Inc without the comma) and posted a number of “apps” to the store for the hefty price of $1,99 each.

It is unclear if the apps were web apps or if they did anything at all, as they have now all been unpublished, but the incident clearly shows we have to be a lot more careful with what we download from the store.  While apps are unlikely to mess up our handsets, they can still easily access and steal our contacts list for spam purposes, amongst other nefarious actions.

Given the sketchy nature of the apps hopefully Microsoft will protect affected users by revoking the apps from their handsets.

Has the Windows Phone Store review process become too fast and hands-off? Let us know below.


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