Fail++ 2.3 is here. “I can haz cheezeburger” + Search added

Fail++ 2.3 is now available. In our in-app poll system, you told us you want the ability to search the various blogs, so we delivered! You can now search the various blogs directly from the panorama screen. We also added the “i can haz cheezeburger” blog to the list of available blogs. On top of that, if you are over 18, and want access to some of the hidden blogs, please send us a support email from within the app (saying you are indeed over 18) and ask for the new blogs – we will enable them for you.

Other features

  • Search the various blogs for funny pictures
  • Switch between your favorite blogs.
  • Pin some, or all of the blog to your start screen to get faster access to your favorite blog.
  • Favorite your images or save them to your photo albums
  • Vote on the in-app poll for what features you want to see next.

Gives access to the following blogs:

    • Fail Blog
    • FailBook
    • Win!
    • Very Demotivational
    • There, I fixed it
    • GraphJam
    • This is photobomb
    • Damn you autocorrect
    • Comixed
    • Picture is unrelated
    • Daily Squee
    • I can haz cheezeburger

Download it now .