Fail++ 2.12 on Windows Phone and Windows 8

Fail++ 2.12 is now available. The app contains 3 more blogs people have been asking for as well as a lot of bug fixes. An often-requested feature that was added is the ability to pick which blogs you like so there isn’t too much clutter!

Fail++ is also available for Windows 8 with the same content!

Other features

  • Search the various blogs for funny pictures
  • Switch between your favorite blogs.
  • Pin some, or all of the blog to your start screen to get faster access to your favorite blog.
  • Favorite your images or save them to your photo albums
  • Choose which blogs you want to see to de-clutter the list

Gives access to the following blogs:

    • Fail Blog
    • FailBook
    • Win!
    • Very Demotivational
    • There, I fixed it
    • GraphJam
    • This is photobomb
    • Damn you autocorrect
    • Comixed
    • Picture is unrelated
    • Daily Squee
    • I can haz cheezeburger
    • New!! Art of Trolling
    • New!! So much pun
    • New!! AutoWreck

Download it now .

Want access to hidden blogs? Use this coupon and enter your support code to enable them! (works both on Windows Phone and Windows 8!)