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1, 2013

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Are you tired of forgetting your passwords, account and credit card numbers?

This app provides you a secure place to leave your confidential information that you might forget after a while, such as ATM card passwords, your ex phone numbers and etc.

How it works?
This app uses the front-facing camera of your phone to recognize your face. After a successful recognition it will show you a secure place to leave your information.


How can i use it?
After installing and running the app for the first time, it will ask you to match a grid face to your face for enrollment and tap the screen when you are ready. During enrollment you need to move your head gradually to any direction that you usually look into your phone. Be careful about lighting, most of front-facing cameras have not enough image quality and exposure control. Make sure you are in a proper lighting area. If you could not enroll successfully, just re-install the app. Keep it in mind that there is no other alternative way to see your information such as password. The only way to see your confidential information is your face.

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