Facebook has announced the timing of its F8 2020 event. Running from May 5th to May 6th, the conference will let developers know the firm’s plans for the upcoming year.

The last F8, we learned about Facebook’s still impending redesign to its desktop app as well as a refocus on privacy. While we don’t know much about what Facebook will deliver next year, we have some ideas. Facebook Libra and Facebook Pay have been in the news lately. The firm could lay out a strategy revolving around these two products.

Facebook is also rumoured to be building an all in one messaging app. What better a place to unveil it than at F8? Threads, WhatsApp and Messenger are all separate messaging focused products that serve different audiences. Can Facebook successfully unify them, should they? If these questions are to be answered, it’ll be at F8 2020.

“This is such an important event for us; it’s one of our favourite ways to celebrate all of you: the developers, creators, entrepreneurs and innovators who build incredible experiences using our platform and tools, and participate in our programs. F8 will feature product demos, deep-dive sessions that showcase how technology can enable you to come together and create your best work, and opportunities for you to network with our global developer community and learn from each other,” Facebook’s Konstantinos Papamiltiadis said on Tuesday.

Via: TechCrunch