CNBC reports that Facebook’s Reality Labs have partnered with Luxottica, owner of, amongst others, the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands, to develop augmented reality glasses which they believe could replace your smartphone. Luxottica had previously partnered with Google on the Google Glass augmented reality headset.

Code-named Orion, the glasses are only expected to hit the market between 2023 and 2025, and would be able to take calls, display information and also live-stream your view to people on your social network.

The glasses would be controlled by a voice-controlled digital assistant and possibly also a ring-like handheld accessory called Agios.

The device is being championed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but the release is still planned for far in the future, likely due to difficulty miniaturising the glasses into an acceptable size and form factor. Despite this, given the rate of progress, the device may of course not make it to market.

Do our readers think 5 years is long enough for us to contemplate wearing Facebooks camera on our faces everywhere we go? Let us know below.