Facebook will soon let users customise its Shortcuts bar on mobile



Facebook is releasing an update that will allow users to control exactly what features appear on the app navigation bar. Said bar has often showcased features like Marketplace, News or TV, but as TechCrunch points out, these were often based on whatever features Facebook was recently pushing at the moment rather than what users wanted or needed.

To be fair to the firm’s product, new features that didn’t at least appear on the navigation bar were as good as dead, this way they would have a chance at life, to begin with. On the other hand, for many users, these features were just noise and clutter that got in the way of what they used the app for. I have used Facebook Marketplace approximately zero times, to give an example.

Now, users will be able to customise how what appears there and prioritise the features on their terms.

Facebook will also now let users customise notifications for shortcuts, allowing you to turn them off entirely. You don’t necessarily need to see badges indicating updates to the 100 groups you’re in but don’t necessarily care enough to leave or not. It is a granted that they’ll have updates whether you’re there or not. The firm has promised a redesign to its web app as well. It is possible the new customisable Status bar will make the leap when this happens considering the similarity between Facebook’s upcoming web-app and the mobile app.

The updates are rolling out to Facebook this week on iOS first and Android over the next few weeks.

Via: TechCrunch

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