Facebook will prompt 2 billion users to review their privacy settings

Developing stronger privacy protections for users is one of the main goals of Facebook for the next decade. In that context, to celebrate the Data Privacy Day, Facebook today announced several announcements that will enable users to have more control over their data.

Privacy Checkup tool:

Facebook’s updated Privacy Checkup tool helps you improve your account security and control who can see what you share and how your information is used. Facebook today announced that it will prompt nearly 2 billion people around the world to review their privacy settings. This prompt will show up in your News Feed in the next few weeks.

Off-Facebook Activity tool:

Facebook last year announced a new tool that will allow you to view and control your off-Facebook activity. This tool will allow you to check a summary of the apps and websites that send information about your activity to Facebook, and you can also delete this information. This new off-Facebook activity is now available for everyone.

Alerts for Third-Party Logins:

Facebook Login allows you to sign in to other apps and services. The new Login Notifications will alert you when you use Facebook Login to sign in to third-party apps to help you keep track of how your account is being used and edit your settings.

Source: Facebook