Facebook will help you “Create and save memories” better with the Facecbook cloud and Stories updates

Facebook is delivering three updates to the service to make it a better option for creating and saving photos.

The first updates are enabled by changes to Facebook’s in-app camera. If you take photos or videos with Facebook’s camera, the firm will now let you save your pictures to your Facebook account just like Google Photos or OneDrive offers. You won’t have to use up your previous phone storage, and for the typical low-end devices which are sold in EMEA regions, storage is a precious commodity indeed.

The firm will now let you share voice posts as well, so you don’t necessarily have to type in your stories, but can share voice messages as well.

Finally, Facebook will let you archive your stories like it does on Instagram so you can save the stories you like the most.

Facebook’s new features will begin rolling out in India first, as indicated by the focus on data and storage light features. It will then roll out to the rest of the world later on, with the US presumably being among the first countries to receive this update

Via The Verge.