Facebook to do away with Like counts in latest experiment on users



Around two months back, Instagram rolled out a new update that hid like counts from users on the platform. The update was rolled out to a total of five countries but Instagram had been testing the effect of hiding like counts for a while.

It looks like Instagram’s little experiment was a success as Facebook is now working on implementing a similar feature on the platform. The experimental feature was first spotted by Jane who is known for revealing hidden features. According to her recent blog, the feature will work similarly to Instagram where the original poster will be able to see the likes they have received but they won’t be able to see the likes received by others.

The move by Instagram got mixed reactions on the internet as people both supported and criticized it. However, studies have shown the negative impact of social media and it’s deemed as the leading cause for depression and anxiety among the youth population.

Currently, Facebook is not ready to roll out the feature to the users. As Jane noted in her blog, Facebook still shows like counts on the comments which beat the purpose of disabling the feature in the first place. Facebook hasn’t publicly talked about the decision to remove like counts so we don’t know the timeline. However, judging from Instagram’s timeline, it’s safe to assume that we might see the feature in action by the end of the year.

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