For better or ill, Facebook is believed to have played a big part in the 2016 US Presidential Elections, but this year Facebook wants the social work as uninvolved as possible in whatever the outcome and its aftermath will be.

In a blog post, the company revealed that it will not be displaying any election-related ads after polls close on the 3rd November, saying:

“While ads are an important way to express voice, we plan to temporarily stop running all social issue, electoral, or political ads in the US after the polls close on November 3rd, to reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse.”

A recent poll shows around 1/3 of US citizens expect violence following the election as results are disputed.

Facebook is attempting to address this issue and the problem of premature declaration of victory by announcing election results themselves in line with major news publications like Reuters, and otherwise displaying a banner saying the results are not available yet.

Global affairs head Nick Clegg has also suggested restricting other content that could lead to violence. The network recently acted against QAnon for example.

Read more about Facebook’s plans to assist a peaceful transition here.

via The Verge