Facebook sues OneAudience for harvesting user data


28, 2020

Facebook is not the best company to advocate user privacy but it looks like the company is trying to get its act together. Earlier today, Facebook filed a lawsuit against OneAudience for harvesting user data.

In the lawsuit, Facebook alledges OneAudience paid developers to include its SDK into their apps, some of which were subsequently published on Google Play Store. These apps require users to log in, which lets the SDK collect and send data to OneAudience. Facebook said that the company collects PII including names, email addresses, time zones, and Facebook IDs.

This is the latest in our efforts to protect people and increase accountability of those who abuse the technology industry and users. Through these lawsuits, we will continue sending a message to people trying to abuse our services that Facebook is serious about enforcing our policies, including requiring developers to cooperate with us during an investigation, and advance the state of the law when it comes to data misuse and privacy.

Jessica Romero, Facebook’s director of platform enforcement and litigation

OneAudience didn’t respond to CNet’s request for a comment on the matter. The company, however, updated the SDK on 25th November 2019 before shutting it down entirely.

Recently, we were advised that personal information from hundreds of mobile IDs may have been passed to our oneAudience platform. This data was never intended to be collected, never added to our database and never used.

We proactively updated our SDK to make sure that this information could not be collected on November 13, 2019. We then pushed the new version of the SDK to our developer partners and required that they update to this new version.

We believe that consumers should have the opportunity to choose who they share their data with and in what context.

Today, we are shutting down the oneAudience SDK.

– OneAudience

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