Facebook is the latest company to drop streaming quality in Europe. The company followed the footsteps of AmazonApple, Disney, Netflix and YouTube, all of whom decided to drop the video quality to reduce the stress on the infrastructure.

Facebook took the decision after there was a spike in internet usage due to people staying at home and working from home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. The company’s decision will apply to both Facebook and Instagram, and like others, it will be temporary.

We are committed to working with our partners to manage any bandwidth constraints during this period of heavy demand, while also ensuring people are able to remain connected using Facebook apps and services.

The Novel Coronavirus has caused people to work from home which has been an issue for tech companies who are struggling to keep up with the surge in users. Earlier today, AT&T CEO talked about the surge in internet usage as people are staying at homes and are relying on the internet to get their work done. The decision to switch to SD temporarily should take off some strain from the internet infrastructure.

Via Reuters