Facebook Stories updates with Boomerang and AR features


13, 2018

Today in updates that no one asked for, Facebook is updating its Facebook Stories features in its app with two new features, Boomerang support and AR drawings.

Now users can make use of Instagram’s Boomerang feature when capturing videos via Facebook’s in-app camera.

For the uninformed, Boomerang is a feature that loops videos back and forwards (hence the name) and have proven very popular with users of Instagram.

AR allows users to doodle on the real world, ie draw their own AR images in real life. It’s kind of like the AR masks that Snapchat made popular but with drawing instead.

It’s an interesting and fun feature to be fair to the firm, but Facebook Stories is still of dubious relevance at this stage.

It is an interesting curiosity, but with the market cornered by Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp, will anyone care?

Via The Verge.

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