Facebook Stories get better at organising parties

Facebook Stories have just become more useful for organising parties and events.

The firm has now made it easy for users to send event invites by using the Story feature.

When creating a Facebook event, users can now share the event directly to stories, adding interactive stickers that contain details of the event like address, date and time.

Story viewers will also be able to let users know whether their planning to attend or not directly from the sticker. The normal stickers and gifs one can attach to the Facebook stories remain available.

Facebook Stories have not seen much uptake in my social circle (a mix of Gen Z and millennials)  due to Instagram serving that function pretty much, but the sheer breadth of Facebook means that someone out there is probably going to enjoy this update.

Engadget cites Miraya Berke of Dessert Goals festival as an example of people who use Facebook Stories to great effect;

“We’ve used Facebook Events for all eight of our Dessert Goals festivals. It’s our number one driver of ticket sales. We had more than 50k people interested in our first event, and we sold out of tickets within minutes. Facebook Events is the best way for friends to share the event organically, and it’s the best tool to scale and promote our events. I’m always looking for ways to bring dessert lovers together, and I think this new feature is going give our fans a way to share their excitement and make a plan to eat their way through our next festival.”

As with all things social, you just need to know your audience.