Millions of people are being forced to work from home at present, which often means working in less than ideal conditions, with small screens, cluttered environments and lots of distractions.

Facebook may have the solution, with the “Floating Windows” Virtual Reality office concept.

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The 8-second video is probably best viewed at 1/4 speed but shows how several software tricks can be used to allow users to be productive in VR.

The video uses a video passthrough experience, so is closer to AR than VR, but of course, offers the full immersion and wide field of view that VR easily achieves.

The demo solves the precision text entry problem by recognizing your keyboard and overlaying virtual keys over the real keyboard, and shadow hand-tracked virtual fingers over your real ones, so user’s proprioception still works perfectly.

It also features virtual buttons apparently pinned to the real keyboard, and therefore always easily accessible.

The main feature of the “floating windows” concept is, of course, multiple floating windows which can be easily re-arranged by a swipe or tug.

Facebook’s current products are unlikely to offer the level of performance needed to make Floating Windows a good experience, but if Facebook optimises a near future headset with this application in mind (light, low latency, high resolution) they may just have a hit on their handsets.

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via UploadVR