Facebook had a somewhat creepy default face-scanning feature that wold scan and attempt to match faces in photos to the users they belonged to. After some discourse, the firm has now made some changes to how this works. It’s adding a setting that’ll let you control whether you want the social network to enable Facial Recognition on your profile or not.

Users will have to manually choose to enable it if they’re new, and they will be notified of the setting if they already have it on. Facebook notes that its useful to identify if someone uploads a photo of you without your consent. Otherwise, what this new feature does is make it easier for you to take control of your privacy rather than obfuscate it behind a few menus.

“We’ve continued to engage with privacy experts, academics, regulators and people on Facebook about how we use face recognition and the options you have to control it. We’ve made the steps to update your settings clearer and you can opt to leave your setting off right in the notice, as opposed to having to go to a separate screen. If you do nothing, face recognition will remain off for you,” Facebook said on Tuesday, “There’s also an opportunity to review information about our technology and the features it powers so that you can make the choice that’s right for you. Finally, Facebook’s face recognition technology still does not recognize you to strangers. We don’t share your face recognition information with third parties. We also don’t sell our technology.”

The changes are rolling out globally from now, so be sure to check your settings and tweak them to your liking.

Source: Newsroom