Facebook Places, Facebook Messaging apps now available for Windows Phone 7




Windows phone 7 Check-in and FIM

Some have called Windows phone 7 the real Facebook phone, due to the tight integration with the social network, but of course there are still many Facebook services the OS does not support.

There are now two apps to the Facebook fanatic out however.

Windows Phone 7 Check-In by TwistenonTech support:

  • Display nearby Places based on your phone’s current Location coordinates (requires use of location services)
  • Allows you to check yourself in to a nearby Place with an optional message
  • Allows you to optionally tag one or more of your Facebook friends as being with you when you check in
  • Displays your Facebook friends’ recent check-ins

Future updates with more functionality are planned.

Our need for Facebook IM has been answered by mosko.mobi, who have released a Facebook Chat app, FIM. Like Check-in the app is very basic, but the developer also promises more features in later versions.

Windows Phone 7 Check-In is available in Marketplace here and FIM here.

Via 1800pocketpc.com

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