Facebook’s R&D group, the NPE Team, has launched a new app which aims to eliminate the greatest annoyance of regular phone calls – phone tag.

CatchUp is a voice calling app from Facebook and would explicitly only allow phone calls to people who indicate they are ready to receive them, and only when they have indicated in their status that they are available.

The idea is that it would reassure callers that they will not be interrupting you, and eliminate missed calls and voice mail, which no-one listens to in any case.

CatchUp only supports voice calls and supports group calls for up to 8 people.  It avoids video calls, which are more intrusive than voice calls, and which can prevent multitasking.

The app is currently available in USA only and does not require a Facebook account to use, being designed to be a simple as possible, using your existing phone contact book list. It can be found in the iOS and Android app stores.

Via TechCrunch