Dark mode has gained some traction in the last couple of years with companies stating how it helps your battery or your eyes. All the major companies have jumped on the dark mode bandwagon. Unfortunately, Facebook has been one company that has missed the entire Dark Mode hype train with two of its most used apps still having no dark mode support.

While we have been seeing rumours of dark mode on both WhatsApp and Facebook, but there’s hasn’t been an actual announcement from Facebook. The company for some reasons decided to enable dark mode on my app today and if this is the final version of the feature then I have some serious doubts. The dark mode showed up randomly on the app and disappeared soon after but it did reveal Facebook’s plan. Unfortunately, the plan does look a bit broken at the moment. You can head below to see some screenshots of what dark mode might look like on Facebook.

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am happy that Facebook has been actively working on the feature. However, with the amount of time they had, I personally expected better results from Facebook. That said, the dark mode is obviously not final as seen in the screenshots. I certainly hope that Facebook could sort it out and roll the dark mode support for both Facebook and WhatsApp soon.