Facebook might let you share your Instagram Stories to WhatsApp

Facebook recently let users share their Facebook Stories to Instagram, now the firm might let WhatsApp do the same thing.

According to a report originating from TechCrunch, Facebook is testing a feature which lets users share their posts from Instagram Stories to WhatsApp. Sightings of this feature have been seen in Brazil, a region where WhatsApp is popular.

TechCrunch identifies the code as publicly available code which Facebook offers to third parties to integrate Instagram story sharing with third-party web or Android apps.

WhatsApp Status (Stories) were introduced on the platform a few months ago, and while not as popular in western media as Instagram and Snapchat, they reportedly have traction in the EMEA regions.

Facebook’s popular social media rival Snapchat has also reportedly begun work on plans to expand its own Story platform from being based solely on its app to the web and third-party apps and services.

Facebook has been aggressively adding the story format to all of its platforms over the last year, and while some users may suffer from story fatigue, the divergence of audience means the social media firm is poised to grab a vast swathe of globally diverse demographics and access to their sweet, sweet usage data.