Facebook Messenger takes on Snapchat with new camera features

Earlier this year Facebook was reported to be testing a Snapchat stories like feature for Messenger – dubbed ‘Messenger Day‘. In essence, this would bring features like Snapchat’s stories and filters to Facebook’s Messenger app. You would be able to take a photo of your day and have it appear at the top of the Messenger app in a manner akin to Instagram’s stories.

The feature got mixed feedback from users as it essentially cramped the user interface with unnecessary clutter and added more overhead than necessary. However, Facebook took the lessons learned from their tests and have now debuted an update to Messenger which revamps the look of the app and adds a new camera interface.

The new “Messenger Camera” makes it easier to capture images in your chats and personalize them with filters, 3D effects, stickers and more.

Aside from the camera updates, Facebook is also making run of the mill regular chats more exciting. You can now add “art and stickers” to your text, enhancing the range of ways you can communicate

In essence, one can view Facebook staging a two-pronged attack on Snapchat. First by taking on its Story features with Instagram, and then iterating on its image messaging features with Messenger. Unfortunately for Snapchat, Facebook has a huge advantage in this game with its billion-strong user base and ubiquity on all platforms, including the web.

This new app update will be available for iOS, Android worldwide starting today and presumably it will be coming Windows 10 in the coming weeks or months.

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