Facebook Messenger app can now take advantage of push notifications


13, 2020

Facebook has been consistent with updates for it’s Messenger app and just a couple of weeks back, the company added fluent design to the Facebook Messenger app. The company has also been working on multi-account support and recently added the chat search feature.

Now, Facebook has pushed out another update to both Facebook Messenger and Messenger (Beta) that brings support for Windows 10 push notifications. The app picked up the new feature in an update pushed out to the users yesterday. Unfortunately, the feature doesn’t work when the app is closed so you need to have it open to receive the push notifications. However, some users have reported that the feature works when the app is closed but for us, it was not working.

At this point, you can’t directly reply back from the notification and will have to launch the app to reply. Moreover, the app doesn’t recognize that the message was received on another device so expect multiple notification sounds if you have Facebook Messenger installed on different devices or have Facebook opened on the web browser. While this is not the perfect notification implementation, it still is a step in the right direction and we hope Facebook keeps on improving the app.

Via Twitter

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