Facebook is working on facial recognition-based identity verification



All the major tech companies are deploying biometric authentication systems into their services and while that may have its downsides, it’s certainly more convenient than typing passwords. Facebook has recognized the potential of having a biometric authentication system and is currently is in the process of deploying it into Facebook.

Facebook, however, is opting for facial recognition-based identity verification. To set up the facial recognition-based identity verification, users will need to take selfies looking at different directions. With the new facial recognition system coming into the picture, Facebook users will no longer need to go through the pain of typing email and password every time they try to login to Facebook.

To use the facial recognition system as a means for logging into Facebook, you’d need a smartphone that has support for facial recognition.

Google recently added the biometric authentication system to Google Pay, allowing users to send money without using a PIN.

The feature is currently in the testing phase and, therefore, Facebook might take a while before it brings the feature to the public.

Source: Jane Manchun Wong

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