Facebook is redesigning Messenger to be more simple

Facebook’s Messenger app has been getting cluttered and confusing over the past few years as the app has been updated to do more than messaging.

Facebook Messenger now does voice calls, video calls, payments, games, a camera feature, groups, and tons more ancillary features than you could shake a stick at. Heck, if you picked up a stick and tossed it somewhere in the general vicinity, the object it landed on would probably be a Facebook Messenger feature, which is why Facebook is streamlining and redesigning its product to focus on one thing – Messaging.

The app is being streamlined when it comes to navigation, with chats being one the main and primary screens and all the other non-messaging nonsense being shunted off to different screens. It’s actually very WhatsApp-esque if you look at it.

The redesigned app would also ship with a dark theme, something that users with OLED screens and dark theme lovers have been requesting  for ages.

Facebook will be rolling out this redesign sometime ‘very soon’.

Via The Verge.