Facebook is launching a series of pop-up cafes in the UK to help users in the country customise their social media settings. Users will have access to free coffee and a conversation with Facebook staff who’ll walk you through making sure your posts are only seen by the right people and not your boss or random internet strangers.

According to the Evening Standard, a recent poll showed that 27% of UK Facebook users didn’t know how to go about customising their privacy settings.

“It’s normal to worry about who can see the things you share on social media, but not everyone knows what they can do about it. That’s why we have made customising your privacy settings on Facebook quick and easy,” said Steve Hatch, VP Facebook Northern Europe. “At our pop-up cafés you can get help and advice on how to change your privacy settings – and all in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee.”

Facebook has been under the microscope for its attitude to privacy in recent weeks, most notably its audio recording privacy debacle. Small actions like this may go a long way in helping repair the fir’s reputation and perhaps that’s what they’re counting on.

Facebook’s cafes will run between August 28 and September 5 across the UK.

Via: Mashable, Edinburgh News