Facebook is getting back into the news business this Friday



Facebook is about to get back into the news media business once more, the firm is opening up a dedicated news tab on its apps as per a report from the Washington Post.

Much like MSN News and Apple News, there’ll be some human curation by journalists who will select the top stories. Otherwise, it’ll be algorithm based and rely on the data Facebook already has on your usage patterns. Which it presumably has a lot of, and you know it.

Facebook will be partnering with the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and other outlets (about 200) tpo deliver news directly to users. It’ll pay media firms directly and allow some to host ads on their pieces, presumably with the promise of ‘exposure’.

For news sites and blogs, a focus on Facebook was once seen as an essential tool. The refocusing of Facebook into focus on friends and family, and then later groups was seen as a

The Outline criticised Facebook a few years ago, saying “every single one of Facebook’s ideas for media has been a bad idea, and yet media has kowtowed to Facebook as if it is a divine oracle.”

Meanwhile, The Atlantic quantified the damage done by Facebook’s faked metrics, stating: “By our count, national media companies laid off more than 350 people from 2016 to 2018, at least partly as a result of Facebook’s herky-jerky incentives. Significantly, this number doesn’t include local newspapers that dropped staff while chasing video dollars.” Media companies have been burned by Facebook time, and time again. Sure, this time the firm would be paying them to display news on its platform — but that was the promise the other times as well. It would be interesting to see how exactly Facebook plans to get past its reputation as a chronic backstabber, or if it’ll inadvertently end up as a scorpion to the media’s frog. It would be hard to blame them, as the proverbial scorpion says, it’s only natural.

Source: Washington Post

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